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TriCorp USA
Specialists in agricultural equipment
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Leaders in exporting agricultural equipment

The purpose of Tricorp, Inc. is to market U.S. made agricultural machinery throughout the world. Our equipment is sold on a worldwide basis, with the principal markets in South and Central America, Africa and selected European and Middle East countries.

Tricorp, Inc. was founded in 1988 and we are pleased to represent major US manufacturers such as Rhino, A-M-E.co, GT, Amco, Hiniker and others. By consolidating our services among many of our manufacturers we are able to offer expertise and services matching GLOBAL MULTINATIONAL companies at the fraction of the cost.

We provide following services for our manufacturers and customers:

  • Selection of best-suited dealers, distributors or importers in the major export markets.

  • Maintain close liaison with World Bank, FAO, AID, CIMMYT, ADB, and other governmental or quasi-governmental agencies.

  • Assist with arranging financing for large importers or projects.

  • Train sales and service personnel on operation and maintenance.

  • Administer manufacturer’s warranty procedures

Our competitive costing is achieved through pooling mutual resources of all of our suppliers and via consolidation of shipments and various products.

EXPORT FUNCTION services are available as in-house operation relating to:

Shipment: Ex-Works (Ex-wks), Free On Board (FOB), Free Along Side (FAS), Cost and Freight (C&F), Cost Insurance &Freight (CIF).

Packing: same as domestic, export pack, bundle, containerize, flat rack, consolidate, fumigation required, dangerous cargo, break bulk, palletize, etc.

Insurance: for shipper or client account, war risk, freight & goods cover, etc.

Documentation: compliance with country of import regulations, Letter of Credit requirements, Inspection and certification requirements, container consolidation requirements, etc.,

We firmly believe that Tricorp has the correct concept, the necessary export experience, the financial strength and the administrative support services to assist you with your machinery requirements.

We look forward to working closely with you.

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