Air Seeders

4800 Seeder with 5824 Seed Hopper

4800 Seeded Soybeans


  • Depth control of a planter.
  • Row spacing of a drill.
  • Efficiency of an air seeder.


The Economical Hiniker 4800 Air Drill offers "planter like" emergence in seedbeds ranging from no-till to conventional. You'll get firmed-in seed planted at uniform depth with the 4800 air drill, a machine that has won widespread acclaim with soybean growers. The versatile componentized layout of the Hiniker 4800 air drill allows you to choose the toolbar size and row spacing that best suits your needs. Sturdy 7" x 7" Hiniker toolbars are available in widths of 15, 20, or 30 feet and 40 ft and accommodate various sizes of row spacing. Add a Hiniker air delivery seed cart and you have a complete soybean air drill for about the cost of adding splitter units to a 30" corn planter.

Air Seeder

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The Sukup Air Seeder combines all of the expertise of Sukup Manufacturing Company into a revolution in planting technology.

The seed tank on the Sukup Air Seeder holds up to 96 bushel of seed.
The seed tank fills from one large opening.
The Sukup Air Seeder seed tank is not pressurized.
An exclusive venturi design in the air lines eliminates the need for a pressurized seed tank. The venturi prevents the air from blowing back into the seed tank. The release of pressure after the air passes through the venturi draws the seed from the tank into the airstream.
The seed tank on the Sukup Air Seeder is equipped with the new style Sukup seed meters to individually meter each row and consistently deliver the seed to the drill openers; this results in an evenly populated and spaced seed bed.
The Sukup Air Seeder is available with Sukup 230 openers.
The Air Seeder may be equipped with an optional coulter caddy up to 30' in width.
The optional coulter caddy features swivel coulters which are spring-loaded for protection from rocks and other debris.
Tractor weight is hydraulically transferred to the coulter caddy for effective cutting and penetration under tough conditions.
Folding toolbars on the coulter caddy and drill opener unit allow even a 30' unit to fold down to 17' wide for easy transport.
All folds, lifts, coulter caddy depth adjustments and marker operations are controlled by two remotes. Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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