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LMC offers only the best in processing equipment. Our LMC CLEANER's are unexcelled in delivering an amazingly clean product as well as providing clean operating conditions. Having a clean product is only part of the performance package you receive with an LMC cleaner. You also receive lower initial costs, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs. Our units are built to last. They are fabricated with the very best materials and components, from the mechanical tubing frame to the variable speed motors and drives which allows the operator to lower the flow rate when loads with high levels of foreign material are cleaned and increase the flow rate when the level of foreign material is low. At LMC our products are designed and engineered to work for you, not against you.

*Ripple deck design provides more traction for better separation.
*Counterbalanced construction for years of vibration free operation.
*Multi-Lights adjustable gates provide exact control of light product discharge.
*Automatic discharge senses product depth, adjusts discharge gate, maintaining consistent bed depth and product separation.
*Fluidized bed powered by a single super quiet high efficiency fan.
*AC inverter controls with digital RPM display on the eccentric and fan motors provide simple speed adjustments.

*Quiet high efficiency bottom fluidization fan
*Durable ruggedly built with counterbalanced eccentrics, these stoners are virtually indestructible
*High capacity  deck with capacities in excess of 20 tons per hour
*Safe all working parts are enclosed so there is little risk of injury during operation or while making adjustments
*60" and 48" Models Now Available

Among the features which make the LMC Roca Series Stoner superior to all other Stoners are the step deck and the air operated rock discharge.

The step deck feature allows the product to maintain traction with screen; therefore the deck does not lose its ability to carry product because of slickness or build-up. The step deck maintains carrying capabilities unequal to woven or perforated decks used by other stoners.

The air operated rock discharge feature allows you to make a distinct separation between rock, dirt balls, glass, metal or any other foreign material that is heavier or more dense than the product. This works by adjusting the static pressure in the rock discharge deck cap. Adjusting the static pressure in the deck cap allows the operator to automatically make a distinct separation of the accepts product and the rock or denser product. Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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