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The Pik Rite Series 3000 Cucumber Harvester

Pik Rite Series 3000 Cucumber HarvesterIf capacity is your top priority, the Pik Rite Series 3000 Cucumber Harvester is for you. Operating efficiently at three to five MPH, this machine will fill your trucks in record time with clean and green fruit.

 Features and Options

  • Mechanical/hydraulic Automatic Header Height Control as standard equipment

  • A large (125 bu) live bottom bin for fast on-the-go unloading

Pik Rite Series 3000 Cucumber Harvester
  • Standard disk header gathers a 90 inch swath that allows ease of harvesting in various conditions with maximum crop recovery

  • Uniquely designed forced balanced shaker works well in varying conditions and gently removes the fruit from the vine with minimal damage

  • Optional bristle belt or HedgeHog System removes trash and dirt

  • Minimum recommended HP 130
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