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   AMCO's Bedding Hipper working in the field

Seed bed preparation has never been more efficient than with an AMCO Exclusive Hi-Clearance Bedding Hipper

  The tool bar with hipper gangs is available in foldable, stackable, or rigid models, and ranges in widths from four to twelve 36" to 40" rows, and in six to twelve 30" or 32" rows.  The tool bar is available in 7" x 7" x 3/8" and 4" x 7" x 1/4" on some models.  The A-frame on all models fits both category two and three and quick coupler hitches.  The hydraulic models, six rows and wider, fold or stack for fast and easy transport between fields and on the highway. 

AMCO's Bedding Hipper in transport mode


AMCO's New Field Tested Primary Tillage Bedding Hipper features a heavy duty "Hi-Clearance" all welded gang frame.  The gang is equipped with 1-1/2" square high-carbon cold rolled steel axles, regreasable ball bearings, Protect-O-Shield Washers, and backed by a Two-Year Warranty on the bearings.

  AMCO continues to offer the hipper gang with 1-1/8" square high-carbon axles without the Protect-O-Shield Washers.

   AMCO's gangs are available with 16" and 18" blades, 18" and 20" blades, or 20" and 22" blades, and are adjustable to three different angles.  Gang Frames are securely clamped in place with two 7/8" diameter heat treated U-bolts.

Wing Adjustments

Adjustment allows wings to be set in level and rigid position.

Adjustable Gauge wheels

Gauge wheels are adjustable with a screw type ratchet jack.

Double action Hydraulic Cylinders

Two 3" x 16" double action hydraulic cylinders (3000 psi) fold the wing-type tool bar easily.  Two 5" x 24" double action hydraulic cylinders , not pictured, fold the 12-row stacker bar.

Factory assembled gangs on Hi-Clearance frames

Factory assembled gangs have 1-1/2" axle and sealed ball bearings.  New Hi-Clearance all welded gang frames attach to the tool bar with two 7/8" heat treated U-bolts.  Scrapers are optional.

Sweep Attactment

Sweep Attachment knocks top off old beds.

FEMA Seal of Quailty


Protect-O-Shield Bearings will keep you in the field not in the shop

Specifications subject to change without notice.

12 Row AMCO Bedding Hipper

AMCO Bedding Hippers are available in 4 to 12 row models

Hi-Clearance Gang Frames

Hi-Clearance Gang Frames to reduce litter accumulation.  Heavy-duty A-frame is designed to fit both standard  category II and III quick couplers.

For the Conservation Minded Farmer
Seed Bed Preparation Has Never Been More Efficient!

AMCO Ripper Hipper in action!

AMCO 4 Row Ripper Hipper

Available in 4 or 6 Row units on 30" - 40" row spacing

FEMA Seal of Quailty

AMCO had conservation - and efficiency - in mind in the design of its Ripper Hipper.

The parabolic Ripper shanks are made from High Strength T1  Steel with 33" clearance.   The replaceable Hi-Carbon points are heat-treated.  The tool bar is constructed of heavy duty 7" x 7" tubing and reinforced with a welded double center bar.

The three-point hitch is adjustable to Cat. II or III, and quick couple hitches.

Heavy duty parallel linkage with built-in parking pin-off and Hipper depth stop connects 7" x 7"  Ripper Bar to 7" x 4" Hipper Bar.  AMCO's proven adjustable gang (three position) with one 22" and one 20" blade, two triple lip sealed bearings on Hi-Carbon 1-1/8" square gang bolt and mounted on AMCO's all new hi-clearance gang frame, allows either staggered or opposed gang setting.

Adjustable Depth control

  • SUBSOILER TOOL BAR:  Heavy duty 7" x 7" tubing with two bars in center.  Hitch:  Heavy Duty "A" Frame for Cat, II and III three-point and quick couple hitches.
  • SUBSOILER SHANKS:  1" thick high strength T1 steel parabolic shanks, 33" clearance.
  • SHANK CLAMPS:  Heavy Duty 4" x 3" x 1/2" angle iron.
  • SUBSOILER POINT:  Replaceable long, high carbon heat treated steel.
  • PARALLEL LINKAGES:  Heavy Duty with built-in parking pin-off's and hipper depth stop.
  • BEDDING HIPPER GANGS:  1-1/8" square axle with two sealed ball bearings.  One 22" and one 20" blade per gang.  Three position angle adjustment.
  • BEDDING HIPPER TOOL BAR: 7" x 4" tubing.
  • BEDDING HIPPER SHANKS:  Heavy Duty, high clearance shanks that allow either staggered or opposed gang setting.

Ripper Hipper High Clearance Shanks




Recommended Drawbar  Horsepower*

Approximate Weight





Four Row Complete for 30" to 40" rows

Six Row Complete for 30" to 40" rows

Six Row Narrow Skip Complete for 38 to 40/60 to 64

Six Row 2x1 Skip or Narrow Skip on 8 row tool bar, complete for 38 to 40/60 to 80

*Rated for comparing with Nebraska Tractor Test data and based on standard equipment at 12" to 13" subsoiler depth.  Hippers at middle angle.








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