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Feterl 6000 Model Model 6000
Will fit a small 2 ton truck. 15000 GVW-21000 GVW. It has a sleeved substructure and no wheel wells in the deck area A full 50" deck area has tread plate throughout.

Flush mounted lights, indeck tie downs, a 10000lb. combo hitch, with heavy duty step bumper. Custom built stainless steel hinges, and ss "D" handles are all standard.


Major compartments on the Model 6000 are 46" H x 21" D. All compartments have automotive rubber gaskets, and also have a curled drip rail. They are pressurized and have "The Gang Lock" ™. All units have flush mounted lights, reflectors, mud flaps, fire extinguisher, safety triangles and other items to meet ICC regulations.

Model 8000
Heavy Duty Crane Body Compartments are 24" Dx56" H, all built with 10 ga. reinforced doors. Stainless steel hinges and "D" Handles are also used. A 1/4" crane tower is 100% welded to the over all substructure. A full 50" deck area has 1/8" tread plate throughout. A 24000 GVW truck is recommended with a clear 84" CA. Compartments are all pressurized with automotive weather stripping used on all compartments. The "Gang Lock" ™ is used on all Models.

Feterl 8000 Model
Feterl 10000 Model Model 10000
Heavy Duty Crane Body. Fits on a 33000 GVW truck with at least a 126" clear CA. Two (2)  hydraulic outriggers. 10 Ga. 24" deep compartments and doors are some of the outstanding features of this unit
Model 14000
This unit has a 14' crane body with lots of extra storage. Crane storage height is 45.4". Crane weight is approximately 2795 lbs. All Model 14000's have Feather Touch trigger handle controls. Main boom and extension boom cylinders are equipped with counter balance valves on the load holding sides. Four (4) corner mounted outriggers are used. Outriggers are also equipped with counter balance valves.

Feterl 14000 Model
14000 Tandem Service Truck Model 14000 Tandem
14000 Body has 70" front cabinets equipped with toolboxes on the streetside, extra large oxy/acty compartment vented curbside. Includes room for a plasma cutter and welder. Deck area has no wheel wells.14000lb hydraulic crane will extend 23'.



Put a Well Equipped Service Shop
Where the Service Problems Are
...In the Field

Tuxco's modular mobile workshops are designed for an 8 foot by 20 or 24 foot flat bed, mounted to a GM HD-3500, 15,000 GVW truck or equivalent. They can be furnished with the vehicle or as separate units and come with a wide range of equipment configurations to meet specialized service requirements.

The workshops are constructed of welded heavy duty steel with all compartments lockable for maximum on-site security. Equipped with heating and/or air conditioning, self contained electrical service, inside and outside lighting and dozens of optional features. They are a cost efficient, on-site place to work summer or winter.

Whatever Your Requirement We Can Build-In The Right Equipment To Meet It.

You may order a virtually unlimited assortment of tools and equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Electric Generator
  • High Capacity Welder
  • 1 Ton Electric Hoist
  • Air Compressor
  • Tool Storage Cabinets with Steel Work Bench Top
  • Complete Hand Tool Sets
  • Parts Cleaner
  • Hose Crimping Station
  • High Capacity Battery Charger
  • Drill Press
  • Bench Grinder

Lift the shop off the truck bed with fork lift or crane and you have a secure, self contained on-site repair facility - and a truck that can be put to work elsewhere. Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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