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Unverferth Wagons and Boxes (under 400 bushel capacity) 
More Than Just a Gravity Box

Unverferth grain boxes are available in a range of sizes ard are fully primed and painted in your color choice of red or green. The capacity of the GB325 Gravity Box can be increased to 400 bushels by adding 24-inch sideboards and matching it to a 13-ton running gear. An optional deflector chute is available to permit center-unloading. All exposed seams are silicone-sealed for corrosion resistance. 

Additional models include the 235,  275 and the dual-compartment 335 box.


Running Gear  

The 10-ton running gear has a 27-inch bolster height and a wheelbase that's adjustable from 84 to 132 inches. A wide variety of tire and wheel options are available for matching the gear to your operation. Units are available with optional extendable hitch for easier hookup and are fully primed and painted in your choice of red or green.  

The 12-ton running gear features a 25-inch bolster height, a wheelbase that's adjustable from 108 to 144 inches and a double wishbone frame design for maximum durability. Extendible tongue permits easy hookup. All units are fully primed and available in red or green.  

Unverferth Side-Delivery Grain Carts  
Harvesting Efficiency! 

  • Fast Unloading! Transfer grain in three minutes or less with 14-inch computer-balanced auger, graphite-coated, sloped interior surfaces and adjustable, 36-inch flow-control gate with indicator.
  • Complete unloading! The intake for the lower auger is partially recessed beneath the floor line.
  • Pit-dumping is easy with lever-operated center-dump gravity-flow unloading door.
  • The PTO has a shearbolt to protect the grain cart driveline during the toughest, high-torque starts.
  • A heavy-duty axle, 3 1/2-inch spindles and 10-bolt hubs provide exceptional reliability and durability.
  • Exposed welds and seams are silicone-sealed to resist corrosion.
  • Long-lasting durable finish with a full primer coat beneath a top layer of high-quality equipment enamel in choice of tractor red or green.

Gehl running gears are built stronger to last longer

Gehl running gears are the perfect match for your forage boxes. Larger, thicker steel sections make Gehl running gears stronger to provide years of reliable service. Gehl running gears feature increased tread width for added stability. The automotive-type steering system has precision-machined steering joints with tighter tolerances, for better tracking and overall improved towing.
Heavy-duty reinforced front spindles are constructed from rugged one-piece tapered steel and feature tapered roller bearings for dependability. A heavy-duty torsion spring makes the eight-inch-wide tongue easy to lift.
Larger and thicker steel sections make the axles and tandems stronger, for increased reliability.
Put a Gehl running gear under a Gehl forage box. Combine them with proven Gehl forage harvesters and blowers, and you'll have a top forage harvesting team for years to come.
  G1008 G1268 Tandem
Capacity Rating (per ASAE Standard S-360) 10 ton 12 ton
Tread Width 81" 81"
Welded Construction 1/4" steel 1/4" steel
Axles (box section) 4" W x 6" D 4" W x 6" D
Spindles (one piece) 2" dia. steel 2" dia. steel
Wheels and implement tires (select wheel and tire sets of adequate capacity for intended load) 15 x 6.00 D.C.
15 x 8.00 D.C.
15 x 10.00 D.C.
15 x 8.00 D.C.
w/ 10.00 x 15 8-ply
15 x 8.00 D.C. W /
11L x 15 8 ply
15 x 10.00 D.C.
16.5 x 9.75
w/ 12 x 16.5 6-ply
(rated capacity
21,360 lbs.)
15 x 8.00 D.C.
15 x 10.00 D.C.
15 x 8.00 D.C. w/
10.00 x 15 8ply
15 x 8.00 D.C.
w/11L x 15 8-ply
15 x 10.00 D.C.
w/ 12.5L x 15 8-ply
15 x 10.00 D.C. w/
12.51 x 15 12-ply
(rated capacity
26,280 lbs.)
Wheel Base Adjustable from 126 1/2" to 150 1/2" Adjustable from 116" to 140"
Wheel hubs 6-bolt 6-bolt
Tongue (adjustable) Standard Standard
Bolster stakes (38" or 42" spacing) 1/4" steel 1/4" steel
Weight (less tires) 845 lbs. 1080 lbs.
Axle Height (bolster to ground-approximate) 24 3/4" 24 3/4"
Hounds Tapered channel Channel
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