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25, 55, and 100 Ton Hydraulic Lift Stands

Unmatched heavy lift versatility

When you need to both lift and support up to 100 tons, nothing works better or more safely than Tuxco's Hydraulic Lift Stands. They move into position easily, have an extraordinary blocking range and with the HLPS Hydraulic Power Unit, two work together, lifting evenly. When not in use, all components fit together, store together.


  • Ruggedly constructed of steel plate and tubing with critical parts heat treated.
  • Exceeds requirements of ASME/ANSI PALD-4C-1991.
  • Tested to three times rated capacity.
  • Velocity fuse valve prevents sudden dropping if pressure loss occurs.
  • Support ring screws quickly into place so hydraulic pressure can be relieved.
  • Piloted extension tubes of varying lengths are stackable to extend height in steps to above 60" (1524mm).
  • "Flip Over" saddle to match saddle load point.
  • Stroke from 9.5" (241mm) to 12.5" (317mm) depending upon model.
  • HLPS Hydraulic Power supply will operate two matched Lift Stands simultaneously.
  • Infinitely variable blocking range.
  • Special tip-proof design accommodates fork lift forks.
  • 5" wheels retract automatically when lifting process begins. Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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