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Eversman Land Planes (avail. models 1650, 2000, 2400) insure even distribution of rainfall or irrigated water. Water pockets can be eliminated by utilizing the natural slope of the field. On rolling ground, land smoothing improves surface drainage thereby controlling erosion. Tile drainage will handle sub-surface moisture but a smooth field is necessary to remove excess surface water before damage occurs. Dead furrows, backfurrows and implement scars are all erased with the patented Eversman floating hitch design. An Eversman leveled field makes efficient use of expensive water. Water will run to the end of every row - each plant will receive its share. There are no low spots to drown out or high spots to burn out. Eversman Land Planes are designed for high speeds to save you time and labor.

Eversman Land Leveler (avail. models 3209, 3212, 7014) is a fast, simple to operate open-bottom hydraulic scraper for short haul dirt moving. The Land Leveler offers an exclusive rugged precision crank axle design to level all types of soil. The wheels, not the operator, control the cutting blade. This action ensures smoother surfaces for more efficient irrigation and improved surface drainage. The Art’s-Way Leveler is ideal for preparing seed beds for planting by removing surface irregularities.

Eversman Scrapers ( avail. models 2s, 2sd, 450, 750) offer the owner an earth mover which is economical to operate and inexpensive to purchase. The front loading design permits accurate control of fill and depth of cut. Front dumping can ensure an accurate controlled dump while moving or an entire load can be dumped into a single compact pile if desired.

The models 2S and 2SD feature the Eversman exclusive patented gate control which permits one control valve to operate both the bucket and the gate. The model 450 is designed for low maintenance and ease of use.

Model 750 utilizes a proportional weight transfer dolly providing increased traction and with more consistent weight transfer than straight tongue machines.

FE/FX Series

FE8120 Scraper

The Forced Ejection Series Scrapers offer positive control in unloading the entire soil load at the desired depth. Up to 20" of ground clearance allows the FE/FX Series to clear obstacles on the roughest work sites. Wide stance carrying wheels provide needed stability and easy access for maintenance. Narrow cutting widths provide easier and faster loading.

All FE Scrapers feature a two wheeled dolly which supports the front of the scraper and provides quick hook-up. All FX Scrapers hitch directly to the tractor drawbar for maximum maneuverability. When equipped with a laser control package, these scrapers provide the best in finishing control. FX models are available in 5 and 7-1/2 yd sizes.

FE750 offers large scraper features in a low horsepower, low price package. This, the smallest of the FE series, has a cutting width of 7' and a capacity of 5 cu. yds. The FE775 has the same 7' cutting width but holds 7.5 cu. yds. For higher horse power tractors, the FE8100 utilizes an 8' cutting width to fill its 10 cu. yd. capacity. The flagship of the FE Series is the FE8120 which features a capacity of 12 cu. yds.

FE775 Scraper


CS/CSX Series

CSX1270 Scraper

The Commercial Scraper Series is designed for commercial applications not requiring actual transporting of material. These rugged scrapers are built for the high wear of everyday commercial use. Sidewall blades are replaceable for more mileage from your scraper. In addition, laser controls make these scrapers an excellent choice for finishing at large construction sites. The Commercial Scraper series is available in both a standard and a full featured "Xtra" version.

The CS Scrapers can be tilted on either side to allow for shaping of the work area and to balance the loading of the scraper. The CS scrapers provide a full 16 inch dumping height. When hitched to a 125 - 225 h.p. tractor, the CS scrapers are excellent for leveling off building sites or maintaining roadways and waterways. The CS scrapers are available in 10', 12' and 14' cutting widths with 4.5 cu. yd., 5.5 cu. yd. and 6.5 cu. yd. capacities.

The CSX Scrapers feature a massive "A" frame hitch, dual hydraulics and additional structural reinforcements.

As an option, CSX can be ordered with a tilt feature and swivel hitch, allowing the operator complete control in shaping and loading. With a maximum dumping height of 32", the CSX will move and unload a mountain of dirt quickly. Built to harness the power of 150-275 hp tractors, the CSX is available in 10', 12' and 14' cutting widths, with 5 cu. yd., 7 cu. yd., and 9 cu. yd. capacities respectively.

CS1255 Scraper

 GP Series

GP1025 Scraper

The General Purpose Scraper Series is
the perfect match to perform earthmoving tasks with a low to medium horsepower tractor. The GP Series is versatile and rugged enough to be used around landscape projects, farmsteads, ranches or just down the lane, wherever it might be needed. The 10' and 12' models feature an adjustable tilt axle to allow for shaping of the work area and complete loading control. The GP series is available in 6', 8', 10' and 12' cutting widths for use with 35 - 150 hp tractors, with capacities from 1.2 cu. yd. to 3 cu. yd. Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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