No-Till Drills
The Sukup No-Till Grain Drill is a one-piece unit which incorporates residue cutting coulters with a standard Sukup Grain Drill in order to offer outstanding performance in heavy residue.

The coulters, with 400 lb. maximum down pressure springs, are positioned immediately in front of and within inches of the double disc openers to ensure accurate tracking.
The coulter assembly features a 4" stagger for improved trash flow and is extremely durable and easily adjustable.
Floating drive wheels maintain constant contact with uneven ground and ensure accurate seeding in trashy no-till conditions.
Coulters are 15" diameter and are available in a variety of styles.
Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings ensure long life.

Coulters easily and quickly snap in and out without the use of tools with the Sukup "Pull-a-Pin" design. The Pull-a-Pin design allows you to take your no-till drill to your conventional fields and be up and running in no time.
Sukup No-Till Grain Drills are available as 3-point or pull-type.
Folding No-Till Drills
The Sukup 30' Folding No-Till Drill is built rugged to stand up to just about anything, including folding and transporting with the hoppers fully loaded.

The Sukup Folding Hitch folds smaller and lifts higher than other folding drills on the market.

The Sukup folding hitch folds down to a transport width of 16'.
The hitch lifts the drill high enough to clear bridges and other road obstructions.

All folding and unfolding actions are hydraulically controlled.
The unit is also designed to flex in the field to conform to contours and uneven ground.
The Sukup 30' Folding No-Till Drills feature all of the benefits of our standard No-Till Drills. Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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