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4 Row Windrower
The 420 Four Row Windrower has many great features for your bruise-free digging.
Offset Hitch Many different soft rubber covered apron chains to choose from. Full Width Chopper

2020 2 Row Potato Harvester

The Dahlman 2-row harvester first in new innovations such as fold over boom for easier transport and storage, using wrap drives for lower drops means less bruise. Where Dahlman goes the rest will try to follow.
Base Unit Features
Heavy Duty Tube Frame

44" Wide Rear Cross with Adjustable Angle

Secondary with choice of full width or staggered Apron Chain

Apron Shafts are 2" diameter with triple seal bearings

Heavy Duty Gear Boxes

High Capacity for 6-Row Harvesting

1000 RPM PTO 1-3/8 21 Spline

35" Wide Fold over Boom for easy storage and transport

58T Clutch Sprocket gives more fine adjustment

Drive Shafts are 1-3/4 diameter

Rear Platform for Three People

44" Side Elevator with Low Incline

Axles available in 2-Row, 4-Row steering and walking beam

Digger bed available with either hydraulic shaker or vibrator

Vine Chopper available

Front steering hitch

Digger bed available in 2-30" wide apron or 1-62" wide apron

  Crary blower system for removing vines from potatoes

22" Coulters available

Choice of different Apron Chain configurations throughout machine

Cleaning tables available are 44" wide star table and 12 or 14 roller M-Table
Road Transport Width 12' 6"

Height 10' 6"

Weight 12,000 LB

HP Required 125 HP

Row Spacing 34" through 40"

4 Row Potato Harvester
Built the traditional way for a productive life of 10 years - minimum.

Reduce Tuber Damage-Largest selection of digger bed combinations, full width or split for row spacing 30" to 40".


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