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4500, 4590, 5506, 5596, 5600,5690
M&W large round hay balers are designed to take the work out of baling hay. A simple, easy-to-maintain design incorporates a fully-enclosed bale chamber, simple controls, and reduced horsepower requirements to provide years of trouble-free service and consistent high-quality bales. The fully-enclosed chamber prevents leaf loss, while creating a bale that cures from the inside out, to provide higher feed value in the bale. Featuring fewer moving parts than most balers, the M&W baler requires less maintenance and reduces down time. With four sizes of round balers to choose from, M&W provides simple, reliable balers for the hay-making needs of any operation.

M&W Round Balers: Simple to Use, Simply the Best

Gentle With Any Crop

Bales are gently formed from the outside in, resulting in a breathable-core that continues to cure after being baled. The dense outer layers shed the elements of nature to ensure long life and a higher retained feed value. The open chamber design bales most crops under most conditions without startup or feeding problems. Bale Grass, Alfalfa, Clover, Corn Stalks, Silage, Peanut and Straw hay all with the same baler.


Full Featured
A deluxe monitor on the 4590, 5596, and 5690 monitors bale size and shape and selects the number of wraps and wrapping media. The basic monitor on the 4500, 5506, and 5600 features bale formation indicators and one-touch start for twine tying. One-touch start with automatic wrap and cut is simple and efficient to use on both monitors. By directing bale formation and indicating when the bale is ready to wrap and discharge, the M&W baler monitors allow for "heads up" operation of the baler so you can look where you're going instead of where you've been.

An automatic chain oiler is standard on all models ensuring long service life and low maintenance. A plunger-activated clutch disengages the elevator chain drive when the chamber is opened for quick and easy discharge of the bale without shutting off the PTO.

M&W prides itself in designing equipment that takes the hassle out of production agriculture. M&W balers have fewer moving parts than most balers, requiring less maintenance and providing for simpler repairs and maintenance. Compare for yourself how simple a baler can be. An M&W baler has fewer moving parts than most other balers on the market today.
  High Quality Hay
A lot of time is spent carefully cutting, conditioning, and raking hay to preserve nutrition and palatability. So why bale with an aggressive, leaf-stripping, dust-producing belt baler when the gentle elevator chain and fully-enclosed chamber of the M&W Baler ensures leaf material is gently rolled into the bale for your livestock to eat? M&W "backs-up" this proven system with a three-year extended warranty on the elevator chain and bars.

3Year Warranty on Elevator Bars
MODEL 4500 4590 5506 5596 5600 5690
Bale Specifications
Diameter 59" 63" 73"
Width 48" 60" 60"
Mounting Floating-Spring-Loaded
Lift Manual Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Gauge Wheels 2 Standard
Width 54" 65-1/2" 65-1/2"
Number of Tines 72 110 110
Number of Bars 4 5 5
Spacing of Tines 2.7 2.7 2.7
Wrap System
Wrapping Media Twine Twine, Netting, Plastic Twine Twine, Netting Twine Twine, Netting
# of Twine Feeders Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual
Twine Capacity 4 6 6
Wrap Control One-Touch Start, Auto Wrap, Auto Cut
Baler Specifications
Height 83" 90" 100"
Length 140" 140" 158"
Width 85" 99" 99"
Tire Size 10.00 x 15-8 Ply Rated 31 x 13.5-8 Ply Rated 31 x 13.5-8 Ply Rated
Approx. Weight (Lbs.) 3800 5500 5900
Driveline Protection Slip Clutch Slip Clutch Slip Clutch
Min. Horsepower 40 55 65
M & W Baler Prices
Model Width X Diameter (in feet) Wrap System
4407 4x4 twine
4497 4x4 twine/net
4500 4x5 twine
4590 4x5 twine/net
5506 5x5 twine
5596 5x5 twine/net
5600 5x6 twine
5690 5x6 twine/net
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