Bulk Seed Handling
Seed Jet II
NO MORE SEED BAGS! You’ll save time and money when you join the bulk seed revolution with the BEST bulk seed handling equipment in the business - The Seed Jet II™ family of products from SystemsOne! Year after year, your bulk seed system will deliver time and money saving efficiency to your farming operation. So lower your input costs for years to come with a one-time purchase of a Seed Jet II™ product this year!

Seed Jet II Seed Jet II Seed Jet II

The Seed Jet II™ is a seed handling system that delivers seed from a bulk bin to a planter or drill on a gentle stream of air. Here's how it works. A touch of a button starts an 11hp Industrial Plus Briggs & Stratton engine, which turns a powerful blower that sends a strong but gentle stream of air to the airlock. Seed is introduced into the airstream from the hopper and flows down the 35', 2 1/4" stainless steel hose to a cyclone-shaped decelerator. The seed is gently swirled into a planter or drill box.

Tests show that the Seed Jet II™ effectively moves the seed and does not damage soybeans, corn, wheat, edible beans and rice.

Compare the features and you'll choose the Seed Jet II™!

Seed Chute™ for Easy Seed Box Discharge
Make unloading center dump seed boxes easy with the new Seed Chute™ available now from SystemsOne™, a Yetter Company.


Created in conjunction with a Pioneer® Seed Sales Representative, the Seed Chute™ is a lightweight, enclosed metal channel that deflects seed from the center seed gate opening of the seed box to the box side. It's ideal for dumping into closed-top seed tenders, gravity boxes, and other small targeted areas. It also increases seed box handling safety because it keeps the seed box properly centered against the mast of the forklift, while the narrow design channel fits between the forks of a forklift.

Installation and removal take only seconds and require no wrenches. In addition, the installer does not need to be under the box to fasten the Seed Chute™, as both installation and removal can be made from the side.

Improved efficiency and less chance of seed spillage provide a quick return on investment.

"The Seed Chute™ solves a difficult problem of handling and emptying center dump seed boxes," said Yetter Product Development spokesperson Derek Litchfield. "The design concept is centered around quick and easy installation plus use of lightweight material."

SystemsOne™ makes a wide variety of products to make bulk seed handling easy. The Seed Jet™ moves seed from a bulk container to a drill or planter on a gentle stream of air. It attaches directly to a gravity wagon or tender. The Seed Box Partner™ and Seed Train™ combine the Seed Jet™ with a cart or trailer for use with bulk seed boxes. The Seed Partner™ and Seed Station™ merge the Seed Jet™ with 100 bushel poly tanks for bulk seed transport and storage.

The Seed Chute™ retails for $99.

The SystemsOne Seed Chute™ attaches easily to the underside of bulk seed boxes allowing for quick access and routing of seed.

Pioneer® Hi-Bred is a Registered Trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred International

Typical Gravity Wagon Set-up

Turn your gravity wagon into a seed delivery system with the Seed Jet II™. Simply attach the airlock to the wagon at the base of the slide door. A 15' rubber blower hose lets you place the power unit either in your pick-up truck bed or mounted directly to the seed wagon. The 35' hose can fill a 40'+ implement without repositioning. Advanced electronics assures easy operation of the Seed Jet II™. There are no hydraulic hoses to mess with.

A toggle switch on the decelerator or an optional remote control starts and stops the flow of seed. A vacuum unit is also available for removing seed from planter or drill boxes.

Seed Partner™ and Seed Box Partner™

Combine a Seed Jet II™ with a 100 bushel poly tank on a cart and you have the Seed Partner™. Fill it easily from a bulk storage bin or large seed bags. The Seed Partner™ can be transported behind a pick-up truck or tractor. Use it to move bulk seed around your farm. With weather-tight closures, you won't be running around covering seed each spring! It comes with an easy tank cleanout, steel walkway and ladders, positive front dolly wheel, SMV emblems and lights.

Seed Box Partner™

The Seed Box Partner™ holds 2 seed boxes on an easy-to-transfer cart. The airlock slides from box to box with a telescoping hopper to receive seed. The boxes clamp down securely during travel, with easy access to the gate on each box to begin the flow of seed.


Seed Box Train™

Maximize the efficiency of your seed box operation with the Seed Box Train™. This complete transportation and delivery system for bulk seed boxes can accomodate as many units as the trailer will hold. The Seed Box Train™ holds bulk seed boxes on a sturdy tubular steel frame. A Seed Jet II™ slides on a trolley unit from box to box for quick and flexible unloading. Pictured is a 16' trailer deck for display purposes only.

Always use a trailer rated for the gross weight of the Seed Box Train™ and the number of boxes used.

Seed Station

Get the seed-storage benefits of a Seed Partner™ with the bulk seed efficiency of the Seed Box Train™ without the boxes. Set up your own grain delivery station with the Seed Station™. A moveable Seed Jet II™ slides between multiple 100 bushel poly tanks. Use them on the ground or on a flatbed. The possibilities are endless! Turn your farming operation into a seed delivery and storage powerhouse.

Make the Seed Jet II™ Systems of bulk seed handling the system of choice in your farming operation!

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