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The models 580 and 590 are our most farmer requested Disk harrows. The 580 and 590 cut and cover large amounts of field material to provide a smooth field planting surface. Each model features our dual spring-rods, which provide positive front to rear leveling adjustment. Another standard feature are two (2) depth bars to assure constant plowing depth and protect hydraulic cylinders in transport position. Both models are available with either standard or flexible bearing hangers.

The model 580 features a 12.75 foot center frame for up to 25 foot cutting width. The 580 is offered with 1.125" or 1.5" axles.

The model 590 is designed with a 16.5 foot center frame for cutting width up to 32 feet. The 590 features a 1.125" axle diameter to handle the 20-22" cutting Disks.

     1.5" Axle (580) Gang Connectors
     20" or 22" Plain Round Disk 9.5L x 15" 6-Ply Tire and Tube
     22" HD Cut-Out or Plain Round Disk 15" x 10" Flotation Rims (580)
     1.125" Gang Bolt wrench 11L x 15" 8-Ply Tire and Tube (580)
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