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The Pik Rite Tomato Harvester is a "class act," harvesting up to 30 tons per hour in varying soil and field conditions. Equipped with an Odenberg Grademaster ColorSorter, electronic controls, and a forced balance shaker system, this machine will not only give you state-of-the-art operations but superior recovery with excellent grades. The Pik Rite harvester has earned its reputation from harvesting in conditions that keep self-propelled machines on the sidelines.

Pik Rite Tomato Harvester

Features and Options

  • The Pik Rite Tomato Harvester can now be equipped with optional Separation Enhancement Kit.  This kit can be purchased and installed on most existing machines or be factory installed. 
  • Mechanical/hydraulic Automatic Header Height Control

  • Header Vine Assist  
  • On board as well as remote controls for discharge elevator 
  • Pik Rite uses sorting technology exclusively from Odenberg Engineering 

Odenberg Grademaster ColorSorter
  • Adjustable header allows for harvest on beds or in flat fields 
  • Debris removal is accomplished by blowing a stream of air through the flow of fruit, thus minimizing clean out



  • Our patented forced balanced shaker system is uniquely designed to allow the crop to flow over the top of the drum, minimizing clean out and damage in wet conditions 

  • Flexible header for optimum recovery in all conditions

  • Pull type unit allows use of your tractor (power unit) for other purposes throughout the year 

  • Pik Rite equipment has been widely marketed in North America and several foreign countries 

  • Minimum recommended HP 100 


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