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AMCO's F-41 & J-41 Wheel Offset Harrows are built to last!

  AMCO Models F-41 and J-41 Wheel Offset Harrows are tough, dependable offsets especially designed for use with 50 (37kW) to 80 (60kW) drawbar horsepower tractors.

  Ranging in cutting widths of 6 feet 9 inches (2.06m) to 9 feet (2.74m), and weighing 2,140 (971kg) to 2,740 (1.243kg) pounds, the offset harrow is available with 9" (229mm) (F-41) or 10-1/2" (267mm) (J-41) blade spacing.

  Standard features include AMCO's heavy-duty, 1-1/2" (38mm) square bore regreasable ball type, toggle mounted Protect-O-Shield bearings which help eliminate blown grease seals and damage caused by wrap.

  Model F-41 has 22-inch (559mm) or 24-inch (610mm) blades and Model J-41

AMCO's F-41 & J-41 Wheel Offset Harrows are built to last!

offers 24-inch (610mm) or 26-inch (660mm) blades.  Both models have a back-up behind the right front blade.  Other features include heavy-duty high-carbon steel scrapers;  an adjustable tongue with standard tongue jack; adjustable gang angle on both front and rear gangs; a gang bolt wrench; and 15/16-inch 5-bolt wheel hubs.

  Optional equipment includes feathering blades with scraper for the rear gang, variations in blade sizes, and a 3 x 6 hydraulic cylinder with stroke control.

Wheel  Adjust to Level Disk

Wheels adjust to level disk from left to right.

Adjustable Gang Angle

Front and rear gang angle can be adjusted from 17 to 23 degrees.

Tongue position adjustment

Tongue position adjustment lets you set up the F-41 and J-41 for your equipment and field condition variations.

Gang Riser with Protect-O-Shield Bearings

Ductile iron gang risers and Protect-O-Shield bearings are standard on all models of the F-41 and J-41.

Optional Hydraulic Cylinder for depth control

Optional hydraulic cylinder has stroke control for cutting depth adjustment.

Scrapers keep Blades clean!

Models F-41 and J-41 have heavy-duty scrapers as standard equipment.

Adjustable Stabilizer Spring for Leveling

The stabilizer spring is adjustable for leveling the harrow.

Specifications subject to change without notice.



     NO. OF     DISKS




F-41 - 1822 6'9" 18 6 50-65 2140
F-41 - 2022 7'6" 20 6 55-70 2240
F-41 - 2222 8'3" 22 8 60-75 2490
F-41 - 2422 9'0" 24 8 65-80 2590
J-41 - 1624 7'0" 16 6 50-65 2225
J-41 - 1824 7'10" 18 6 55-70 2350
J-41 - 2024 8'8" 20 6 60-75 2600
J-41 - 2224 9'6" 22 8 65-80 2730 Tricorp USA | P.O. Box 2779 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA
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